Re4international Company Limited has been in plastic recycling business since 1978 as trading then strated to produce in 2002. We have experience and good reputation among our customers in many ways.

  1. Technologies development and services
  2. Supply management
  3. Internal development
  4. Human resource management

In Present, Re4international Company Limited are produced and exported various kinds of plastic from PET including products produced from PET such as  Bottle flake PET, PP , HDPE and PVC.
We have been working with customers around the world such as China, India, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, Germany and Netherlands

Re4international Company Limited has developed from distributor to producer with our efficient machine. The company is expanding its facilities to accommodate increased customer demand and prepare to take order of bottle flake from around the world.We have 2 types of washing bottle flake PET such as Hot Washing Tanks and Cold Washing Tanks. Our production capacity of bottle flake PET is 500-1000 ton per month