Characteristics Details Unit Remark
Place of Origin Thailand
Packing32 kg/Bag
Moisture1-2 %
PVC Content 0.01-0.05 %
Dust Content 0.01 %
Size15 mm.
PortLaem Chabang  
Payment TermL/C , T/T 

PET bottles
Textile fibres – Tensile Strength
Packing straps – Resistant to high temperatures
Polyester films – Industrial packages

Our products are obtained by crushing. The clear plastic drinking water bottle products are in category 1, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE, PET), which can be 100% recycled. Clear, tough polymer, has good impact resistance and has good gas permeability protection properties. Useful for the production of non-alcoholic beverage bottles such as drinking water bottles and vegetable oil bottles. number recycling symbol1 Through the process of clearly distinguishing other types or types of transparent plastics such as PVC, PP, etc. or the least at 0.01% to 0.05% and through cleaning in both systems, namely cold water system and hot water systemClear plastic bottle crusher (PET) size, moisture level is 1% to 2%. The size of clear water bottle crusher (PET) flakes is 1.5 cm/Cm. Plastic flakes for crushing clear water bottles (PET) at the amount of 850 to 1200 tons/month. Hot Products Crushed plastic flakes for clear water bottles (PET) are suitable for the recycling yarn manufacturing industry. Recycled fabric manufacturing industry made from plastic water bottles In addition, the crushed plastic flakes for clear water bottles (PET) are also suitable for industrial plants. plastic fiber Textile industry from plastic bottles and fiber plastic packaging strap Polyester film, etc. can be recycled plastic flakes obtained from crushing clear plastic (PET) drinking water bottles.